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Pizza Parka Buy

October is National Pizza Month and the weather is getting increasingly colder. It was the absolute perfect time, then, for Pizza Hut to promote its new oven-hot delivery system through fashion. The limited edition Pizza Hut Parka is the ultimate in pizza-themed apparel, save for maybe Rihanna's 2015 Met Gala gown, because there is no shame in loving a piping hot slice, wanting to remain fashionably warm during the bitter cold chill of winter. And, you know, wanting to wear clothing that displays your love of one of your fave fast foods.

pizza parka buy


The red-hot Pizza Hut Parka is actually a functional coat, constructed of the same thermal insulation materials and technology used in the restaurant's new delivery pouches, which promise that your pizza will be 15 degrees hotter. The parka has both zip and Velcro closures, and is made of Thinsulate material. It's pizza-inspired in many ways, with fun features such as an ordering window sleeve slot, marinara splash guard, napkin gaiter, heat-sealed seams, parmesan and red pepper pockets because you always need your pizza toppings at hand, a water-resistant outer layer, and a pocket shaped like a slice.

It's bright scarlet, with plenty of Pizza Hut branding, because pizza is life. It's actually quite heavy, structured, and stiff, because it's meant to protect you against the elements and keep you warm 'n' toasty.

Is your mouth watering from all of this pizza chatter? Do you want to wear this crimson coat? If you answered "yes" to both questions, then the marketing team at Pizza Hut did its job effectively. If you are legit jonesing for the parka, then get Tweeting and/or ordering to increase your chances.

Pizza Hut has developed an all-new oven hot delivery system utilizing thermal technology and a re-engineered pizza box to keep your pie warm and a limited edition Pizza Parka to commemorate the occasion. The restaurant has spent more than two years researching and developing this all-new delivery pouch which features three thermal insulations: a 3M Thinsulate Insulation used to warm ski jackets, a PET Aluminum Radiant Barrier that reflects heat, and a polyester fiber padding that traps heat inside like pink insulations.

There's a weird little Velcro-closing panel on the arm where you can store your cell phone (Pizza Hut calls it an "easy-ordering window"). There's extra fabric on the hood that can serve as a face-wiping napkin, pockets for Parmesan and red-pepper flakes, and a pizza-slice-shaped interior pocket.

You can't buy the parka anywhere, but if you order online or through Pizza Hut's mobile app through October, you will be entered to win one. Or tweet the pizza and flame emojis at Pizza Hut's Twitter account to enter without buying food.

PLANO, Texas, Oct. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- What do space blankets, winter jackets and home insulation have in common? The material from all three are now used to keep a Pizza Hut pizza hotter than ever as part of the pizza company's all-new oven hot delivery system.

"What consumers want more than anything else is a hot pizza, which is why we couldn't be more excited about the system we have developed to make sure we serve a hot, crispy and craveable Pizza Hut pizza every time," said Zipporah Allen, Vice President of Marketing, Pizza Hut. "This is just another way that Pizza Hut is making it easier for pizza fans to get a better pizza."

Pizza Hut spent more than two years looking at the entire delivery ecosystem, from the box, to the pouch, to delivery dispatch at the restaurant. In addition to a reengineered pizza box and a new crisp sheet, the research sparked the development of an all-new pizza delivery pouch featuring three different thermal insulation materials to help ensure the pizza stays oven hot, the cheese stays melted and the crust stays crisp:

"By implementing the unique power of our Thinsulate Insulation, which is warmer than almost every comparable material on the market, we're able to help Pizza Hut achieve their goal to deliver customers a hotter pizza than ever before," said Mindy Murray, Brand Communications Manager, 3M.

The new and improved Pizza Hut pizza boxes feature thicker sides to lock in heat and keep the pizza in place throughout the delivery process. Each box includes a patented crisp sheet insert that is designed to keep the pizza elevated, locking in the oven-hot temperature, and keeping the crust crisp and craveable.

The all-new oven hot delivery system is the latest advancement as Pizza Hut takes a laser focus on improving the delivery pizza experience. They have hired nearly half of the 14,000 drivers that expected to by the end of the year and have implemented their proprietary delivery network algorithm, a multi-faceted technology system that drastically improves the accuracy and reliability of Pizza Hut deliveries across all 6,300 U.S. Pizza Hut restaurant locations.

"What better way to showcase how hot our new delivery system keeps our pizzas than outfitting some of our biggest fans with a winter parka made from the same materials," said Allen. "The Pizza Parka is going to keep the lucky recipients hot in the same cold-weather elements that our pizzas often endure on the delivery trip from our restaurants to their front doors."

Through the end of National Pizza Month (October), customers who place an online pizza order via or the Pizza Hut app will be entered for a chance to have a Pizza Parka delivered along with their pizza. Fans can also tweet the pizza slice and flame emoji to @PizzaHut to enter to win, no purchase necessary.

Pizza Hut is also the proprietor of The Literacy Project, an initiative designed to enable access, empower teachers and inspire a lifelong love of reading. The program is rooted in the foundation set by the Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Program, which is the longest-running corporate supported literacy program, impacting more than 14 million students each year. For more information, visit

The Budak brothers started Pizza Parma in a Shadyside Plaza during their college years in 1998. After working for well-known pizza parlors in Pittsburgh, three brothers decide to open their own location and make their recipes the best of the best. Shortly after the second and third locations followed. Now serving Pittsburgh for 15+ years in Shadyside and Downtown.

We cater for all events and occasions, feel free to call in or place your order online. Come on in and our friendly staff will be happy to serve you some of the best wings, and hoagies, and our homemade pizza sauce made from natural tomatoes will give that memorable Pittsburgh Pa experience. Gyros cooked on rotisserie and calzones filled with the finest Italian ricotta cheese.

You want pizzas made with fine Italian cheeses, and we have it! We also offer 14 different mouthwatering flavors for our jumbo wings. Take home one or all our 20 inch subs (the biggest hoagies in Pittsburgh Pa) we bake them to perfection. Try one of our big size gourmet salad, crisp great flavor it helps you count your calories.

Pizza Hut has a history of weird new "products" that are tragically just concepts announced as a stunt (sorry, no pie-ordering hi-top sneakers for you). As we stare down the barrel of another impending winter, it's only fitting that the 'za king introduces a parka made of the insulating material it knows best: The lining on its delivery pouches.

There's more. Customers who order a pie between now and the end of October -- and want to feel as toasty as a hot pizza -- will be entered to win a "Pizza Parka" made out of the sames materials used to make Pizza Hut's new delivery pouch.

Over the summer, the pizza purveyor said it planned to hire 14,000 new drivers this year for permanent positions. Nearly 7,000 have been hired so far, the company said. It's also put into place a new algorithm designed to improve delivery service from Pizza Hut's 6,300 locations.

- Contact us by phone or email within the first 30 days of receiving your order. Once photos are provided of the incorrect pizzas received, we can then either send out the correct pizza or issue a refund, depending on your preference. Photos can be sent to

Your pizzas should have arrived to you within two days of shipping. Each package is packed with over 5 lbs. of dry ice, but may arrive with little to none remaining. The pizzas should arrive frozen or partially frozen. Unless you plan on baking your pizzas within a few hours, we suggest you place them directly into your freezer for storage. The pizzas will retain their freshness in the freezer for as long as six months. (If you plan on baking your pizzas within a few hours, you may store them in your refrigerator where they will continue to thaw.) Do not eat uncooked pizza.

There are as many pizza pan designs as there are styles. If you are buying more than 50 at once, some companies may discount your order or deliver for free. Always ask (I only use credit cards that offer miles also!)

According to the company, their new delivery pouch is engineered to also include "crisp sheet inserts," which they claim can, in conjunction with the Thinsulate thermal insulation, deliver pizza up to 15 degrees hotter than before.

"By implementing the unique power of our Thinsulate Insulation, which is warmer than almost every comparable material on the market, we're able to help Pizza Hut achieve their goal to deliver customers a hotter pizza than ever before," Mindy Murray, brand communications manager for 3M, said in a press release.

Futhermore, they have thrown in their two cents for seasonal fashion. As "winter is coming," the company also unveiled their "pizza parka," which uses the same materials as the pizza delivery pouch, and also touts the following features (copied verbatim):

"The Pizza Parka is going to keep the lucky recipients hot in the same cold-weather elements that our pizzas often endure on the delivery trip from our restaurants to their front doors," Pizza Hut's vice president of marketing Zipporah Allen said.

From fishing openers to snowmobile trips to late nights in bars with friends, people share good times over a Heggies Pizza. There's nothing like good friends, a cold drink and hot pizza fresh out of the oven. That's what Heggies Pizza is all about. #HeggiesTogether. 041b061a72

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