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Hu7250 Best Buy |VERIFIED|

Worse still is the HU7250's motion performance. Samsung's outfitted this model with something called Clear Motion Rate 960, which, as best as I can tell, is just a very high number attached to a vaguely-named feature that has little positive effect on image quality. The HU7250 judders its way through camera pans and tracking shots. Action sequences in The Hobbit play out like a flip book, and when the camera rises above an artist's rendering of a map, the landmarks and demarcations of Middle Earth pass through the frame with the smoothness of a flooded engine.

hu7250 best buy

We've scoured the catalogs of major retailers and come out the other side with a list of the best Black Friday TV deals, some of which can even be pre-ordered right now. Of course, not every bargain hunter is concerned with price above all else, so these TVs run the gamut from curved 4K to bargain basement 1080p.

Vizio's game-changing P Series was a ridiculous bargain at its original MSRP, but when you factor in Best Buy's Black Friday discount, the value is simply staggering. A 65-inch 4K TV for $1,500 isn't just the best Black Friday television deal you're going to find, it's one of the best Black Friday deals, period.

The 55-inch HU7250 isn't the best or the brightest 4K TV around, but given the price premium associated with Samsung's curved panels, a Black Friday listing of $1,298 is an offer many will pounce on.

Pound-for-pound, Best Buy's $900 HU6830 is one of the best compromise between size and price this week. It's bigger than the 40-inch HU6950, but it's not as expensive as the 65-inch Vizio P Series, and its smart platform is superior to Vizio's, as well. 041b061a72

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