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1600x1200 Construction Wallpaper, Creative Cons...

Sculpture Technique, CONSTRUCT offers students, upper elementary to high school, the opportunity to discover their own creative strengths in the world of three-dimensions. This book is the first of its kind to bring the processes and concepts of construction methods in papermaking, papier-mâché, cardboard and wire into the home environment. Unlike craft books, the assignments in this book focus on processes of working with specific materials while introducing the elements of sculpture in ways students can put into practice immediately. Students work as sculptors, creating original sculptures while selecting subject matter that is interesting and relevant to their own lives.

1600x1200 Construction Wallpaper, Creative Cons...

Course Description: The fundamentals of sculpture (FORM, PLANES, MOTION, AND VOLUME) are emphasized through examples, artwork by contemporary sculptors, and projects in papermaking, architectural construction with cardboard, papier mache, and wire. Critical analysis of artwork is stressed in the application of these fundamentals. Various media, tools, and building techniques are explored. Students arrive at unique solutions for 3-dimensional design problems as well as explore creative expression. 041b061a72

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