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[S6E18] This City

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[S6E18] This City

Blair: See, and that right there is the best part. That weird Chicago pride that you all have, even though y'all admit that this city is too corrupt, too violent, too cold, it's still a great city. Burgess: You're so gunna miss this place.

Emerald City is a location on ABC's Once Upon a Time. This city of emeralds is the capitol of Oz, and is where the Wizard of Oz once ruled before being overthrown by the Wicked Witch of the West.

Yes after five seasons of stagnation the inevitable occurred finally! Having found purpose in life now all three of them embrace and of course break into song with a montage of just how many misadventures they had to get to this point plays.

The Simpson family are watching an episode of Eye on Springfield where Kent Brockman reveals that Springfield is the least popular city in America. To rectify this, a town meeting is called together where Marge puts forward the idea of a film festival, where the people can submit their own films. The townspeople like this idea and agree to do it, to Marge's surprise. Excited by the prospect of having their films featured, the people of Springfield get to work making their films.

At the Nuclear Power Plant, Mr. Burns was annoyed that the plant's profits had dropped by 37%. Smithers then suggested that Burns enter a film into the film festival to make people like him more. After finding out that Steven Spielberg was unavailable, Burns hired Spielberg's non-union Mexican equivalent, Señor Spielbergo, to direct his film. At this time, Jay was settling in with the Simpsons, and he and Homer became confrontational. At dinner, Homer wanted the last pork chop, but Marge insisted that Jay get it since he was the guest. After Jay showed off his awards, Homer smugly stated that he had won the belching contest at work, only for Jay to unleash a long, loud burp that put Homer's to shame, leading to the kids giving Jay Homer's trophy. Shortly after this, Patty and Selma showed up.

Jay started to dish out information on celebrities to Patty and Selma, including revealing who in Hollywood was gay. When Homer told Jay to tell Patty and Selma that MacGyver was gay, the twins hung Jay on the house by his underwear, to Homer's glee. That night, Homer asked Marge if she respected him. After many pauses, and revealing that she was humoring him, Homer got upset and said that he knew that Jay was more witty than him. He then asked if Jay knew all the lyrics to the Oscar Mayer song, only for Jay, Bart and Lisa to start singing the song together. After this, Homer told Marge to sleep with Jay before taking a lock of her hair. Seeing how much this was affecting Homer, Marge put Homer on the film festival jury.

During this, Mr. Burns was holding auditions for the actor who would play him in his film, before deciding to fill the role himself as nobody was good enough. After this, the film festival started, hosted by Jay. Jay showed off the first few films, Bright Lights, Beef Jerky by Apu, Moe Better Booze by Moe and Man Getting Hit by Football by Hans Moleman. After Moleman's film, Homer roared with laughter and told the audience to just hand Moleman the prize. After this, Barney's film, Pukahontas, started, which moved the entire audience, except Homer who missed it. Finally, Burns' film, A Burns for All Seasons, played, which disgusted the audience with how egotistic and self-indulgent it was.

Okay, so I know this show was supposed to be some sort of urban fairy tale and should not be taken seriously under any circumstances...But! Charlotte 's beautiful dog was impregnated in the last episode and gave birth in this episode even though canine gestation is 58-68 days long, and we're also to believe the very wealthy Goldenblatts didn't take their pregnant, award-winning show dog to a vet?! Then, literally the day after the puppies were born Charlotte was showing them the snow, when their eyes wouldn't be open for at least two weeks...I mention all this to distract from the ridiculous Carrie/Misha storyline and the appalling "obnoxious party-girl plummets to her death" as a way of showing Carrie's comparable maturity?! Ugh! This show is such glitzy trash! Unfortunately, I love to hate-watch it while reading your great recaps, Isabel. ?

The Pawnee-Eagleton merger has forced many of the city's schools to make cuts, and the first thing Pawnee Central High School cut was senior prom. As a last-minute hail mary, the Parks Department decides to throw prom for them. With a very limited budget, Leslie Knope requires volunteers to cover all the jobs that they would normally hire people for. She assigns Tom Haverford and Ben Wyatt as co-DJs, and has Allison Gliffert choose the prom theme. Leslie is impressed with Allison's creativity and work ethic, and she loves her choice of a fairytale theme and her step-by-step binder. Leslie sees herself in Allison and sets her sights on having Allison join the Parks Department as a summer intern. However, Ron Swanson can't stand to see one of Pawnee's youths work for free for the government and insists she take a paying job instead. Ron suggests she look into working for his friend at the sawmill, which leads to Leslie and Ron clashing heads in their attempts to persuade Allison.

Meanwhile, Ben and Tom jostle over what music to play at the prom, but it is clear the two have very different tastes. Tom sees Ben as an out-of-touch old man, but this is nothing new as the two often don't see eye-to-eye. At the prom, Tom plays what he feels are cool, popular "bangers", but he is informed by the students in attendance that they are not into his music choices. Tom can't stand the fact that he doesn't know what's cool anymore, and he is even more disheartened when Ben puts on a classic rock record and the kids love it. Ben later comforts Tom by insisting not knowing what high schoolers like makes him a normal adult, and that he hasn't had time to keep up with their trends because he is hard working business man.

Elsewhere, Andy Dwyer coerces April Ludgate to accompany him to the prom, despite her overt hatred for dancing, young people and fun. In typical April style, she dresses in all black and puts in little effort to enjoy herself at the prom. While she wants to go home, she can see that Andy is having a great time. She questions how she can love him when she hates everything he loves. She is comforted by Donna Meagle, who suggests if something is bothering her, she should tell him. Later, April tells Andy that the reason she can't enjoy herself is that this prom reminds her of how different their high school lives were and how different they both were socially. Andy insists that high schoolers are idiots and that their relationship now is great and is all that matters. This changes her mind and agrees to have fun with him. When Andy is named prom king, April admits she rigged the voting, and upon being revealed as an adult, Andy and April are kicked out of prom, much to April's delight. 041b061a72

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