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Best Buy Cyber Monday Laptop Deals [PORTABLE]

Update (11/29): Cyber Monday is over, but there are still many good deals on gaming laptops and desktops. Below, we list some of the best holiday gaming PC deals you can still get right now.

best buy cyber monday laptop deals

We've seen quite a few RTX 360 gaming laptops dip below $1,000 this Cyber Monday / Black Friday deals season, but most have been smaller 15-inch models. But the Tuf Gaming A17 that's currently on sale at Walmart is a big-screen 17-incher. And that 1080p screen has a 144 Hz refresh that's a nice pairing with the RTX 3060 GPU.Other specs include an AMD Ryzen 7 6800H CPU, 16GB of DDR5 RAM and a 512GB SSD. That's not a ton of storage for games, but there is an empty M.2 slot inside the laptop so you cand drop in one of the best SSDs down the road. Or, if you want to get a jump on your cramped boot drive, check out our current sale on the best Cyber Monday SSD deals. Either way, if you're after a big gaming laptop on a modest budget, this model from Asus is a sweet deal at $849, down from its previous price of $1,249.

Last-minute gift shoppers, you're in luck: Just because Green Monday has come and gone doesn't mean that all of the deals and savings have. Best Buy's massive Green Monday sale is still going on, with amazing deals on TVs, laptops Fitbits, and so much more.

You can snag savings throughout November, but despite early deals, retailers like Walmart, Target and Best Buy reserve some of their best bargains for Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. So shopping sales mid-November can be risky. 041b061a72

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